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Wide range of rootstocks and grafting stocks

We offer a diverse range of rootstocks and grafting stocks with origin certificates for breeders and spindle growers, suitable for both potted and open-field cultivation.

Rapid re-growth

We cultivate our plants with the aim of ensuring rapid re-growth for our customers. The advantage for the customer is obtaining a high-quality plant more quickly. This is achieved through practices such as undercutting (see Extra), topping, or cutting back.

Fresh starting material

Our plants come fresh from the nursery. Within a day of being harvested, they are transported to you, allowing you to work with them while they are still fresh. We provide guidance on the optimal planting time.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments about this list. We always work together to find the right solution, provided the plants are in stock! Contact Bart Antens at +31 (0) 6 22 45 57 21 or email us at

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